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Mindfulness – A Powerful Tool In Coping With Tough Times

Mindfulness is a spontaneous and natural state. The practice of mindfulness, or present-day awareness, allows us to stop thinking and get out of the tyranny and treadmill of our mind, and also shows us how to think more imaginatively.

Whenever you climb a steep ladder – or a rock face – or drive a car at high speed or engage in physical activity with danger – have you noticed that at times you have completely forgotten everything except your 100% concentration? Practicing mindfulness in Silicon Valley can help you with that.

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This is a normal "everyday" experience when we are not influenced by our thoughts and when we are fully present. This is the current state of natural alertness.

Free yourself from your thoughts, free yourself from the constant chatter in your head, free yourself from the constant grinding wheel of thoughts, you feel airy and light.

The practice of mindfulness is simply a structured set of mental disciplines and habits that take the natural, spontaneous manifestations of present-day awareness and then place them under conscious control, making that freedom possible, more frequent, and perhaps more accessible when we need it.

In this state time stops – or we stop noticing it, the usual feelings of separation and duality weaken or disappear, insights appear more frequently, and intuition and creativity become stronger.