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Everything You Should Learn About Steel Fence Posts

Steel fence posts offer a variety of advantages over other fence posts such as concrete or wood in addition to the cost savings (normally about 20 percent) treated metal lasts significantly longer than wooden posts. They're much easier and faster to install on the ground. They're incredibly versatile.

Most often, they are used in conjunction with chain link fencing,  first-rate steel fence posts can work well when used in conjunction with wooden fencing panels. Similar to wooden posts, steel fence posts can be submerged directly into concrete, giving them additional durability, but this isn't needed.

Square Steel Fence Post-Round Fence Post-4x4 Galv Square Fence Posts

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If they're set deep enough in the soil, they'll be in place for many years to remain. If, however, the steel posts are being used for security fencing, the idea of sinking them into concrete to give them additional strength could be an excellent idea.

Providing great support

In the case of fencing for residential use, steel fence posts can offer great support for a variety of materials. It doesn't matter if it's wood, chains, composite board vinyl, or recycled materials (yes some have recycled materials) Steel posts can provide the toughness and endurance that no other type of post can.


If you're planning to use the steel fence posts then you must ensure that it's galvanized. Galvanization is a procedure that covers the metal with an anti-oxidant that stops the oxidization which can cause the formation of rust. Once the metal is treated (usually before purchasing) you will never need to deal with it ever again. It is not like wood, which must be stained and treated frequently to prevent drying out, rotting, or breaking into pieces.