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Unplugged Wine: New Trend In Drinking

Unplugged wine is a new trend in drinking. It is when the wine is only served without the use of electricity, in a bottle or glass, and with a cork stopper. Many people are now going unplugged. This means they are no longer using their phones while they drink wine.  

Unplugged wine is a new trend that has been popping up around the world. It is also referred to as "natural wine." Unplugged wine can be found in places like Whole Foods, many restaurants, and some online wine stores like  

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It is argued that this trend has been a recent one, and it is because a large amount of time spent on social media has caused us to have less face time with our friends. As a result, we need to take a break from face-to-face interaction and spend some quality time with ourselves. 

Drinking wine unplugged is a new trend in drinking that has many benefits. The first benefit is the freshness of the wine. Wine can lose flavor over time due to oxidation, so drinking unplugged wine allows it to keep its natural flavors. Another benefit of drinking unplugged wine is the lack of grapes in a glass which makes it easier on digestion.  

The concept of the unplugged wine date is new, but it's gaining popularity. People are turning to the idea of interacting with their friends and family in a way that doesn't involve technology. Drinking wine without distractions has been shown to improve communication skills. It can also help people connect with each other on a deeper level than phones and social media can provide in this modern day.