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The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of Asia's top tourist destinations, is a bustling metropolitan city brimming with rich history, a distinctive culture, and unforgettable dining experiences.

If you're seeking to avoid meat-based dishes, Bangkok reserves a few restaurants that offer a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. You can navigate to know about vegan restaurants in Bangkok.

These are our top two vegetarian eateries you can go to in Bangkok.

Broccoli Revolution:

Broccoli Revolution is one of the stylish vegetarian restaurants located in Bangkok. The menu is an oasis into a sea of bland, repetitive vegetarian cuisine since it is specially designed to blend culinary favorites from different cuisines around the globe.

Their quinoa burger, which is topped with mango salsa and broccoli puree on charcoal buns is a classic illustration of their experimenting combination that is high on both taste and health.

There are a variety of choices from Lebanese mezzo platters as well as more regional Thai dishes are also offered. They also have an excellent juice bar with more than 20 refreshing drinks.


Mango is an artful small cafe/vegetarian restaurant located within Bangkok, offering a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. It's a cultural treasure and has a tasteful interior with a cozy atmosphere and food that combines local with international.

They offer a distinctive seating design, including cushions that are placed on the floor as well as low tables, which is derived from Thai traditions as well as the food.