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Making The Most Of Customer Testimonials

Displaying customer testimonials on your website or in your printed documents can be a great tool for building trust with potential buyers and increasing sales. Customer testimonials have been used for hundreds of years and are still a major motivator in helping people thrive in the buying decision process. You can look for the best customer testimonial examples through various websites.

While customer feedback remains common, its format and medium have changed. Today, with the advent of social media and new technologies, there are testimonials in the form of blog posts, forum posts, quotes, audio recommendations, videos, and more.

There are a number of basic practices you should follow when making testimonials about your product or service. Proper presentation of your testimonials can optimize your results. Follow these tips when you use testimonials on your website or in your communications.

1. The medium is the message. Depending on your target audience, the medium you choose to display your testimonials can make or break their effectiveness. For example, if you're trying to reach the current generation, the video may be the most popular technique. With the advent of YouTube and websites that allow users to upload videos, the media is living a life of its own.

2. Provide detailed information about the person who living the testimonials. Not only do people love hearing from other people, but they also want to know that the testimonials are from real people like them.

When posting or publishing testimonials, be sure to include the person's name and some demographic information. This adds to the legitimacy of the testimony and helps people get resonance with their comments.