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Tips To Improve Your Wine Tasting

To ensure that you create the most of a wine tasting we would like to offer some advice on wine tasting and some of the techniques used to experience the true flavor of a wine, remember, wine tasting requires that you pay attention to your senses of sight, smell, and touch, as well as taste. You can also look for the online wine courses via

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Sight: Look at the wine. The best way is to tilt the wine in the glass and look at it against a white background. What do you see? Is the wine clear or cloudy? The color will vary according to what wine it is. Red wines vary greatly in color.

Smell: Through our sense of smell, the wine reveals its true nature. To determine the aroma, swirl the wine vigorously in the glass. As the wine coats the sides of the glass, it releases its bouquet. The aromas can be quite different depending on how far into the glass your nose goes.

Touch: This does not mean you dip your finger into your wine glass. When tasting wines, the touch is the feel of the wine on your tongue. Is it soft or brisk? Does it have a refreshing zing around the edges of your tongue? Tannins will feel sort of prickly on your tongue. Younger red wines are usually more tannic.

Taste: This is the final step and should be taken only after you've used your other senses. When tasting a wine, take a small amount in your mouth, swirl it around lightly so all your taste buds are exposed, and then keep it there for a brief period.