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Why Buy Used Wood Pallets?

Wood is an excellent material for pallets. It's sturdy, relatively cheap, and best of all reusable. Wooden pallets are also easy to come by. Because of this property, they are highly valued in the market.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing wood pallets for your next project or requiring shipping:

1. Persistence

They must be strong enough to achieve their goals. Wooden pallets used have different grades, and those included in Category 1 (or Category A) are widely used by food, pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers. They can handle heavy loads and are as durable as new pallets.

There's also a premium Category 2 palette that has gone through a few fixes but is fully functional and still looks good enough to use on a shop display.

2. size

It is important to know the correct size for your wooden pallet. Every industry has standard dimensions so that anyone can do business in that market without problems. An example is the supermarket industry, which uses the standard 40 "x 48" size set by the Association of Food Manufacturers. In the automotive industry, 48 "x 45", 45 "x 45" pallets are usually used for chemical delivery, etc.

3. Material

Wooden pallets are softwood or hardwood. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Softwood is easier to obtain because it makes up about 80 percent of all wood. It is cheaper and much lighter than hardwood because it is less dense.

Hardwood is much more durable and stronger than softwood. It is fine for carrying heavy loads, but the benefits can also be detrimental. It is much heavier, which can be a problem during shipping as it can increase shipping costs significantly.