Follow the tips of these tips to find the ideal means to showcase your contemporary art.


Whether you are hanging on to a priceless heritage or some contemporary limited edition art printing; Hanging a few pieces of artwork or just one painting, correct positioning is important. The most important factor for the state of the artwork will be the location and scale of the artwork itself. If you want to buy the best abstract art prints online then you can search over the internet.

The Art of Hanging Art

Always stick to the rule of thumb of important art in big places, small art in small places. And always hang the artwork together at eye level in the middle which is 155–170 cm in the ground. Large modern artwork above parts of the fireplace looks great. However, make sure the artwork is no more than furniture. The item in which it smells should be about 2/3 to 3/4 of their amount.

With the item on which it smells, do not leave more than 20 cm in the area of the middle wall below your pictures. The eye will be centered on the wall opposite your artwork. Where possible, try to install small pieces of artwork. The use of matching or similar mounts and frames will bring unity to the set but is not necessary if the drawings' motifs or colors provide unity.

The most intriguing methods for displaying modern art are groups, which can be used in large or small spaces. There are several professional ways to group your modern art collection as given below.

Salon screen

Choose a set of pictures using consistent themes such as color, subject matter, or perhaps framework type. The pieces are of different dimensions and can be centered or lined on top of each other and can be side by side. The spacing between bits must be kept constant to prevent the design from being displayed arbitrarily.


Group a selection of otherwise crafted artifacts next to each other with virtually touched frames. This allows the display of many artworks in a little area. It works well with an odd number of bits and the largest piece in the center and gets smaller as it exists.