Motorbikes and ice have never been best friends. When the mercury drops below zero, all kinds of automotive problems arise. Just when your engine needs extra assistance, your car battery can run out and power is lost. Engine oil often becomes thicker, which puts more stress on the engine and its owner. 

Door locks can even freeze you from inside the car every now and then, and by the time you finally start moving your tires you may have to struggle to maintain adequate traction on slippery tracks in icy conditions. The one option to deal with cold is buying a best micro sprint engine heater via This will help your car to keep its engine warm during winters.

It can be difficult to see where you are going as frozen fog builds up on your windows and even drivers who are satisfied with heated windows may need to clean the side windows to ensure proper survival. It's time for some care and a little extra preparation. To cope with cooler times and be disaster-free, you can take action and purchase products from your local auto parts dealer to make driving in cold weather easier. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive the frozen gremlin.

Almost as annoying as a car that won't start freezing straight out of your car. Luckily, this can easily be sorted out with defrost spray or even a matchstick. There are even some electric anti-icing agents that can be used to defrost a frozen car door lock by inserting a heated copper rod into the lock slot.