When buying a bible, there are a ton of decisions to make. Many have numerous features so it becomes difficult to choose from. Some of the few things that you should look for in a bible and can help you in buying the best bible are listed down below.

Red Letter: The words of Christ in the new testament are in red ink. This helps with clarification.

Large Print: The typeset is a little (or a lot) bigger for those of us who are visually handicapped.

Reference: Many places the text references itself in another book or chapter, illustrating the same idea. You can also find references to the Biblical timeline online.

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Study: Includes commentary, or opinion as to what the scripture means in a scholarly fashion. 

Concordance: Many of the words are listed in alphabetical order and contain a reference to the text.

Miracles: The miraculous events of Jesus are in a short table and referenced.

Apocrypha: The "hidden" books in the old testament are included.

Parables: The illustrative stories Jesus tells are listed in a table and referenced.

Dictionary: A listing of terms and their meanings are included.

Presentation: Pages in the front for personalizing to whom the book is given, date, etc.

Family or Portrait: A very large format usually includes genealogical charts for your use.

Devotional: Includes readings to be considered for your walk with the Lord.

Annual: Daily readings which will get you through the entire bible in one year.

Imprinted: Personalized imprinting is done after purchase to a leather cover, usually with the recipient's name.

Gilded: Gold or silver edging on the pages improves the appearance.