Do you remember the fond memories of going to the toy store with family members and seeing all these amazing toys? 

Many people convey their love for adult characters by buying an occasional action figure. To get more details about funny action figures you may browse this site.

Tips On Collecting Action Figures

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The motivation for collecting this wonderful toy may lie in fond memories of playing with it in our childhood.

Athlete themed characters

Athletic characters allow children to play their most imaginative fantasy games and even combine players from different sports into one big game. 

Possible limbs allow the user to keep their figure on an iconic stand, eg. riding a helmet or placing a golf ball on a green toy.

Science fiction character

The popularity of science fiction has found its way into the realm of action figures. One of the most popular among these characters is one from the popular Star Wars films.

Another science fiction character showing the character from Star Trek, BattleStar Galaxy, Dr. Who and even everyday objects like aliens and monsters. 

Todd McFarlane

A man named Todd McFarlane started his career as a comic producer and eventually started his own toy company. As a science fiction and comic book artist, he uses his skills to create some of the most detailed and accurate toys.


Collectors are a different kind of person when it comes to collecting action figures in bulk. Instead of playing around with figures, collectors like to protect them by storing the pieces in their original packaging whenever possible.