When it comes to camping, the single most important equipment you will need is the camping tent. Especially when you regularly head outdoors with your family, you need a sturdy family camping tent. It must provide full comfort and safety and will last for many camping trips to come. You can buy affordable army surplus tents for sale via online.

As with any major purchase, buying a camping tent involves a process through which you will end up purchasing one that will fully meet your requirements. Now that summer is almost here, you must start planning for your next camping trip. 

Obviously, size is the most important consideration. The main purpose of camping tents is to provide shelter for the rest of the camping trip. If it is not large enough to accommodate everybody, then it would have failed to achieve its real purpose. 

It is wise to add one or two more sleeping bags in the tally just to provide extra space. For example, a family of three will be ensured total comfort if they stay in a four- or five-person tent. If you plan to use the tent beyond just a sleeping quarter, you can even go bigger. A sturdy family camping tent that easily fits the entire family could be your top option.