What are dental braces? Braces are removable or fixed orthodontic appliances that can be used to correct various dental defects, such as misalignment of the bite or teeth. Based on the type and amount of correction needed, dental braces can be placed on either the upper or lower side. You can find the top and best orthodontic services for your perfect smile.

These braces can be combined with other orthodontic appliances to widen the jaws, palate, shape the jaws and create spaces between the teeth. Dental braces are designed to exert pressure on the teeth to move them in the desired direction and achieve the correct bite alignment.

Invisalign Treatment


The advancement in dental technology has allowed for the invention of many types of braces. These braces can be clear, tooth-colored, ceramic or metal. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of options depending on your needs. There are many types of braces:

Metal or plastic braces: These braces can be made of metal or plastic.

This category includes Stainless metal braces, which are made for people who are not allergic to metal. They are the most widely used because of their durability and economy.

Ceramic braces: These braces are made of high-tech composite glass-like material. They can be quite costly compared to other braces. Ceramic braces can resist most stains except for those caused by curry, smoking, and certain foods.

Sapphire brand braces: This type of brace is made from pure monocrystalline sapphire. They are strong and translucent and can withstand most stains, except those caused by smoking or food. Sapphire braces blend seamlessly with patients' teeth, making them virtually invisible, especially if they are white. These attributes make sapphire braces more expensive than other types.