Calatheas are unstable and expressive plants that like to give a lot of obvious prompts when they are disturbed. Calathea leaves twisting is an indication that something is off-base with your plant.

Calathea leaves twisting is an indication of plant lack of hydration and is an instrument the plant uses to diminish water misfortune. 

Leaf twisting is generally usually due to underwatering, low stickiness, or overabundance heat, yet can likewise occur because of root harm brought about by root decay, overfertilizing, or infection. You can also look for the best quality rattlesnake plant via plantvine from online stores.

calathea lancifolia rattlesnake plant

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The most effective method to Unfurl Your Calathea's Leaves

Calathea plants like to move their leaves. A sound Calathea will gradually turn its passes on to get encompassing beams of daylight; an undesirable Calathea will twist its leaves firmly to mean pain. When you fix the issue, the leaves could even uncurl before your eyes.

Move your plant out of the light. Calatheas disdain direct daylight; a lot of openness will for all time harm their leaves. Move them from the window, yet ensure that there is as yet surrounding light for them to assimilate.

Change the temperature in the room. Calatheas really do best in temperatures between 60-85°F (16-29°C). Don't simply look at the room temperature – check the temperature where your Calathea sits.

Add stickiness to the climate. An absence of stickiness is the most widely recognized reason Calathea leaves twist. Change your watering propensities.