Nowadays, buildings are being constructed in ways that may not meet the needs of future generations. To preserve a heritage site or city, sometimes it is necessary to repair them before they fall into disrepair. With lintel replacement in Sydney, you can take care of two things at once – preserving buildings while still providing the public with good access.

What is a lintel?

A lintel is an architectural element that spans the width of a doorway or window and is supported by columns. They are typical of medieval and Renaissance architecture and are also found in Romanesque architecture. 

Lintels are often ornately carved, and they can provide a beautiful focal point for a room. They can also be very heavy, so it’s important to replace them if they start to decay or rot. 

Replacing lintels is important because they provide a stable foundation for the structure above them. If the lintel starts to decay, it can cause the entire building to crumble. In some cases, a failing lintel can even fall onto people below! 

If you’re thinking about replacing your lintel, be sure to consult with an expert. There are a lot of different types of lintels out there, and you won’t be able to replace them if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge.