A manhole exploration camera is a camera that is dedicated to inspecting manholes. Unlike other cameras, this one can be held on two hands, can be operated when wearing gloves and has a long cable for its power supply (which doesn’t require batteries).

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It can even withstand different kinds of temperatures and can also be used for inspecting septic tanks. If you manage a sewer system, then you know that manholes are an important part of the system.

They provide access to the sewer for maintenance and repairs. But manholes can also be a source of problems. Sewer gasses can escape from manholes, and water can leak in. That's why it's important to periodically inspect your manholes.

A manhole inspection camera is a tool that can help you do that. It's a camera that is mounted on a rod or cable and lowered into the manhole. The camera allows you to see inside the manhole and identify any problems.

There are several benefits to using a manhole inspection camera:

1. You can inspect manholes without having to enter them. This is safer for you and your employees, and it eliminates the need for special equipment like respiratory gear.

2. A camera can reach places that a person cannot. This means you can get a better view of the entire sewer system, including areas that might be difficult or dangerous to access.

3. A camera inspection is less disruptive than other methods of inspection, like sending in a maintenance worker on foot. This is important if you need to inspect a busy section of the sewer.

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